Friday, October 30, 2009

Mmmm, Friday :)

I have completed 5 weeks at ODE, which means that next week is my last week! I have to admit, I am going to miss this rotation a little bit. It has inspired me to begin a nutrition blog, which is soon to follow :)

I was at the Oregon School Nutrition Association Administrators meeting today and guess what we did? We got a tour of Truitt Bros., Inc, an Oregon food processor of shelf stable products. We got a tour of their canning and production facilities, as well as an amazing lunch compliments of the company! That is the great thing about this profession--lots of opportunities for free, delicious food. ANYWAYS, we got to watch how fresh pears get canned! Have you ever seen those TV shows about how they make candy? I LOVE THOSE SHOWS! So this ended up being a lot of fun because I love watching the machines.

The weather ended up being nice enough for me to go for a run today--yay! I got a solid {30} minutes in--GO ME! Running is absolutely my preferred daily exercise regimine; I really hope that I am able to go during the winter.

When I got home, I made a yummy PEAR AND WALNUT SALAD:
  • Spring mix lettuce
  • Sliced pear
  • Grilled chicken
  • Toasted walnuts
  • Goat cheese
  • Raspberry vinegarette

~Toss, and enjoy!~

As for the rest of the night, I have been busy trying to relax: watching Just Friends, reading SELF, blogging, contemplating working on a project, texting my friend Mikey, iTunes shopping, and now watching That 70's Show. I'm feeling pretty tired and should go to bed. But I did want to share :) If you haven't, you should check out Taylor Swift's new music--SO GOOD!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Walk to Work is Lovely, Thank You

Do you see the gradient of color?

What I always envisioned real "Back-to-School" looked like.

Look at these COLORS!

~So many *leaves* on the ground~

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to fall in the Pacific Northwest! For this soCal girl, this kind of fall is a welcome treat to the normal Santa Ana winds and blistering heat. I love it so much more than I ever thought I would! The pictures are taken in Salem, Oregon on my way to work at the Oregon Department of Education.
But as we transition out of this season, we head into cold, wet, cloudy, and dark--THAT I am NOT excited about :( Boo. It is going to make my running endeavors very, very challenging. My short exercise history is this: I have played basketball competitively since I was 7, stopped when I graduated high school, experimented with some different kinds of exercising, and fell in love with running my senior year of college. Who knew that I would be a distance runner?? Not me. Now, when I say distance, don't get crazy--right now I'm running between 2 to 3 miles. But if there is one thing I have learned about exercising on your own, it is this--it is FOR YOU. Therefore, go at your OWN PACE. If you can only run for {5} minutes, just do it for {5} minutes! If you STAY AT IT, your endurance and stamina will improve, and you will go farther faster, without burning yourself out. I love running the neighborhoods and watching kids play in their front yards and grandfathers out raking leaves. Plus, I get a solid {30-60} minutes of ME time where I feel fresh air fill my lungs and my feel my feet pound the pavement. I could not do it without my iPod--I put it on shuffle and let my mood pick what moves and shakes me.
If I want to maintain my sanity, I will need to become less of a weather wimp--living in Malibu for the last 4 years has TOTALLY spoiled me. Mission: buy shoes that can get wet, gloves that don't shed, and a rain/windproof jacket.

The great news is that tomorrow is Friday! That yeilds more good and bad news--good news is that Halloween is Saturday, and we interns are having a party! This will be the first that I have been too since April and it should be fun! Bad news is that I have A TON of homework due Monday, and I am going to be buried in it for the rest of my weekend. Yay and nay?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Procrastination = Stress = Procrastination = Blogging?

Yup. It's true. In a very weird and quirky way, this is what I do. Procrastinate, then STRESS, then procrastinate, then STRESS, then blog. Or at least, this is what I am doing now. I have so much work due on Monday! UGH. On a much lighter note...

Look what has come in the mail for me! Halloween cards and treats to remind me that there is a life of holidays and happiness somewhere I am not. The ghost card on the left and the candy is from my mommy :) The pumpkin card on the right is from my dear friend Marissa! Cue happy feelings :)

I also came to a sort of revelation tonight: I think I need to stay off Facebook for awhile. There are a couple of reasons why:

1. I waste a lot of time on it. Time that I need to redirect to better places in my life--studying, working on projects, calling friends, working out, making care packages, and most importantly, spending more time with my Jesus. If I want to know the the fullness of a relationship with him, I need to give him much more of my time.

2. Living on Facebook causes me to live everywhere but HERE! I browse through profile after profile, endlessly wishing that I was in southern California, Arizona, Texas, or Colorado! I expend energy and worry over whether or not my friendships are still alive and well. I long for what I don't have--warm weather, beaches, and Young Life. But how can I live life to the fullest when I am not living in the moment? Answer: I can't. Therefore, until I get some better control, I am fasting from Facebook, so to speak.

Since I love music, I am going to frequently post lyrics. This is the song that came to mind while I was typing; I hope you like it!

You put me here for a reason,
You have a mission for me.
You knew my name and you called it
Long before I learned to breathe.
Sometimes I feel disappointed
By the way I spend my time.
How can I further your kingdom
When I'm so wrapped up in mine?

In the blink of an eye
That is when I'll be closer to you than I've ever been
Time will fly
But until then, I'll embrace every moment I'm given
There's a reason I'm alive
For a blink of an eye.

"In the Blink of an Eye," MercyMe

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well hello blogging world!!!!!! I am back in business. SO, what do you think of my new blog? I absolutely love it! I owe quite a round of thanks my darling Kelly for taking the time to make my beautiful format! I am super excited about having a wonderful blog to update!

I am currently sitting in my chilly living room watching the Los Angeles Lakers play the Los Angeles Clippers. Tonight was "ring night" and the Lakers were given their NBA championship rings and trophy. Watching Kobe's smile light up when the championship banner was unfurled was amazing--he looked so proud to be apart of this franchise. And I, have never been more proud to be a Laker fan!

Tonight I got to talk to my dear friend Jenna! She is in the nursing program at the University of Rochester--she started the program 2 weeks after graduation! She is a very inspirational person because she is a talented multitasker and accomplishes A LOT in her day. I want to be more efficient like she is! It is quite lovely to talk to her, since we do not have a lot of time in our schedules because of our rotations and the time change.

And finally, I should like to inform you all of the fantastic event coming to a theater near you in 24 days: THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON. If you haven't yet, read the books. Go check out Stephenie Meyer's website. Then, go watch the trailer for New Moon. Seriously, I never thought I would get addicted to a vampire's love story, but low and behold, here I am.

Ok, time to go play with my blog! Love to all.