Friday, May 22, 2009

Letter To Me

"Oh, you've got so much going for you going right, but I know, at seventeen, it's hard to see past Friday night. She wasn't right for you and still you feel like there's a knife sticking out of your back and you're wondering if you'll survive. But you'll make it through this and you'll see--you're still around to write this letter to me."

I'm back! My blog is hereby undergoing complete revision to be a lot less emo than it was before, haha. As I work on revising it, stay with me if you're at all interested in the life of me! It is interesting, indeed :)

The song above is by Brad Paisley, my absolutely favorite country artist (and tied for favorite music artist with Steven Curtis Chapman). These are songs that I am going to recommend, so you should listen to them! That's all for now, while I go get my blog set up.

Love, Britty Lynn